Ways on How to Make a Website With Your Kids 

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They want to learn how to create a website as soon as children discover the internet. Even if you do not an idea on how to get started, making a website with your kids is easy. To help you here are some ways on how to make a website with your kids. 


    Choose a Topic 

You must decide with your children what your website would like to cover. You do not need to choose a specific topic but it is essential to have a theme in mind that can give you both directions on web design and content. 

    Select a Web Host 

You must decide on a web host as the neighborhood where your child’s home will thrive. For easy maintenance, you can use a free web host which has no cost to you and a built in what you see is what you get.  

You can also pay for a web host service to give you more control over everything which includes the ads you want on the site as well as determining your domain. 

    Learn Web Design 

A learning experience for you can be achieved when you teach your kids how to create a website. You and your child can start your own website together from scratch if you understand basic HTML, cascading style sheets and graphics. However, if you are not familiar, you can ask assistance from professionals such as web design agency washington dc. 

As time allows, another option is to use a free template for your child’s site and learn web designing. That way, as you begin learning the fundamentals of web design you can get a site online quicker and work a redesign. 

    Decorate the Site 

The website of your child is coming amazingly, now is the perfect time to decorate the place. For kid’s websites, clip art is a great way to decorate. Just for her site too, let your child take personal photos. Things such as getting creative with photography, snapping pictures of family, and scanning pictures she paints of draws will keep her excited to update her website. 

    Start a Blog 

Take learning on how to make a website even further by teaching her how to blog. To start a blog, there are many reasons. With every blog post, she will think more about topics, enjoy sharing her opinion, and will also develop her writing skills further. Since the blog is all hers, blogging will give her a creative outlet that she will be enthusiastic about. 

    Add Goodies to the Site 

Now is the time to add some extra goodies to your site. You can website use a website calendar to display her birthday and other events that she regards as important. To allow visitors to say hello and leave their comments on the site, installing a guest book is beneficial. 

    Keep Your Family Safe Online 

If it is public, everyone in the world can potentially reach your child’s website.     With extra few steps, you can keep the identity of your child safe. Password protects her site if you want to keep strangers out completely. 

Monitor the things that she is posting online and stay on top of it. You may ask her not to use her real name, location, or pictures depending on the type of content and personal preferences. 


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